Saw it, Pinned it, Tried it: Hair Accessory Organizer


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Have you seen the many pins out there where you glue a candlestick to a plate, coffee can, mason jar…….This is one of those!
I was inspired by 2 different pins for this one:

(Click the pic for source)
This is what I did:
Then I used some spray paint to make it all one color.
My “Hair Drawer” looks SOOOO much better now!


Thrifty Thursday: Paint Dipped Candy Bowl


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It’s been one of those days where you go and go and go…before you know it, it’s 5PM.
So I’ll make this short and sweet!
I found these cute little metal bowls at the thrift store and knew I had to do something with them. ($0.99 each!)
Recently I did one of those projects where you glue a candlestick to something else and it turns into awesomeness (post for tomorrow), and that got me thinkin….
Turn the bowl slowly and tap the edges to get a drip effect.
Let the paint dry and glue one on top of the other!
Fill and ENJOY!
**If you’re keeping track, the last 2 projects costs me a whopping $4 all together!**

DIY Terrarium Tea light


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You may have seen a few pins here or there on using a tea light holder and mason jar in the bathroom.  Like this:
So while browsing the craft store, I got an idea to use the same technique for a cute little decor piece.  
Each candle holder costs $0.99 so this is a steal!
You could do this with sand and seashells, rocks, or whatever matches your decor!

Sun Tea


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In celebration of the sun coming back out here in the ATL, I thought I’d share how we like to take advantage of it!
Now I know this may come as a shock, but I DO NOT like iced tea.  I know. I know. Southern lady doesn’t like tea? It’s true! But the Hubster loves it, so I make it for him.
I learned this from my mama who, coincidentally, also does not like tea but married someone who does. (We’re such sweet little wifey’s!) This is so easy and yields a ton of tea.  So here we go Y’ALL!




That’s it! Add some sugar for sweet tea or a squeeze of lemon and ENJOY!

Blog LOVE and 7 Random Things


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I am so excited to share that I have been included as a nominee for an award by Hi, it’s Jilly! YAY!

So as a nominee…I get to nominate 15 peeps that I think are rockin’ and tell you 7 random things about me. So here are the nominees!

**If you are a nominee, all you have to do is post 7 random things about you, nominate fifteen rad bloggers, and link back to me! That easy!**

1. The Naptime Review 2. Wonder Forest 3. Simple Mum 4. Vintage Wannabee 5. Tico and Tina 6. Gentri Lee 7. Framed Frosting 8. Let Birds Fly 9. A Night Owl 10. Glitter and Gloss 11. A Cupcake Love Affair 12. The Paper Mama 13. IRockSoWhat 14. Gussy Sews 15. Her New Leaf


Check these ladies out….cuz I think they are pretty freakin’ sweet!

NOW…7 Random Things:

1. I have never been stung by a bee, wasp, etc. EVER. That is why I scream when I see them.

2. Clutter gives me anxiety. For realz. I can’t even watch any of the hoarding shows because I start to feel itchy and jumpy…no joke.

3. When I was pregnant with LM, my main craving was meat. If I smelled steak, I HAD to have it! Unfortunately, it had to be well done and I prefer my steak medium rare…mmmm…steak!

4. You may be able to tell from some of my photos (or Pinterest), but I am a bit obsessed with tattoos. I already have my next 2 planned out!

5. I have VERY bad eye sight. Scary close to legally blind! The glasses are definitely not just for decoration. 🙂

6. I was a contortionist when I was little.

7. I was born with crooked shins. TRUE STORY. My parents put me in ballet when I was 3 to help correct them. I also slept with special shoes with a brace when I was a baby. Still in the attic, BTW!

While you’re at it, Check out this great blog hop!


Me, Myself, & I (and My Instagrammed Week!)


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I’m excited to link up with the “Me, Myself, & I” linky party co-hosted on Framed Frosting!
I thought this was a very unique way to get to know your bloggerinas!
So here we go…
What is your biggest phobia?
I think I would have to say deep water.  I get all jittery and anxious whenever I can’t see the bottom.  I take that back…even the deep end for diving in certain pools REALLY freaks me out!


While I’ll admit that this picture is stunning, it still makes me nervous and a little nauseous. Jus’ Sayin!

If you could relive any day of your life, what would it be and why?

It’s a toss up between the birth of my son and my wedding day…but since along with birth comes pain, I’ll go with my wedding day.  It was so perfect!

Great weather for November, beautiful venue (SHOUT OUT! to Kimball Hall!), wonderful staff (Julie is the bee’s knees wearing the cat’s pajamas!) and full of laughter with family and friends!

Here are a few of my favorite shots:


(SHOUT OUT! #2 to Lauren Rae Photography!)

If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be?
Am I too cliche if I say the age I am right now?  I have everything I need…I’m married, we have our beautiful baby boy…I can drink…you know, the essentials in life! 🙂

Which celebrity do you get mistaken for?
I’ve been told I look like Brittany Murphy.  Which I guess in the sense of this question, I don’t get mistaken for her since she’s passed on…..

I used to get Jennifer Aniston which I never believed but was TOTALLY ok with!

And recently I saw a picture of Kristen Stewart that I actually thought was me for a split second.

What songs are included on the soundtrack to your life?
  • My favorite song to sing in the car as a kid — Anything Michael Jackson 
  • Every day after school this was my groove — Hey Ya! by Outkast
  • First concert I attended — Three Dog Night (not kidding…it was a free concert at our town amphitheater!)
  • Second concert I attended — Yellowcard 
  •  Hubster and I’s special song — Marry Me by Train (our first dance)
  • High school graduation — Yeah! by Usher, Ludacris, and Lil’ Jon


My “PINSPIRED” Week — One for the Road!


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Or should I say 1/2 for the road?!  LM is going to be 6 months old tomorrow! A whole half a year old…wow…
Kinda makes this mama wanna cry! But happy tears because my baby boy is growing, happy, and healthy!
So in honor of G-Man turning this wonderful age, I wanted to make him a special onesie.  LUCKILY I had a Pinterest project that was just right for it! (of course!)
This is the original pin from Calico Skies:
Then here’s my attempt:
I outlined the design to make it look a little less messy.
This was not the easiest/most successful project that I have come across but I definitely want to try it again.  I think I just need to use some more Modge Podge and let it fully dry.  I’m just TOO IMPATIENT! 
But I think this is cute enough to get messy for our little celebration on Sunday! (Stay tuned for pics!)

My “PINSPIRED” Week — The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly


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As today is my last day for all things “pinspiring”, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorites, disasters, and the occasional “huh?”. (You’ll see what I mean later.)
So first, some favorites.  
These are some of the pins that I’ve tried but didn’t take pictures.  For the most part, these are tutorials that I really like and if I took up a whole post to show you, I wouldn’t be bringing anything new to the table.
(Click the pic for the link!)
Now for a couple of disasters….
Suppose to look like this:
 Turned out like this:
(Still not sure why this didn’t work out…any insight is appreciated!)
Suppose to look like this:
Turned out like this:
You can see that post from this week HERE.
…..and this….
Then they are wrapped in crescent rolls and baked.
They taste amazing…but the marshmallows were suppose to disappear.  They are CLEARLY still there…????
Click HERE for the original recipe.  
Oh Pinterest…I just can’t quit you!

My “PINSPIRED” Week — Egg McYummy


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I have to say that I love Egg McMuffins so, when I saw this pin, I could tell it had “ME” written all over it! This was very simple to make and now we have a quick breakfast for a few days! 
Here’s the original from The Yummy Life.
My turn!
Preheat to 350° and bake the eggs for 25-30 mins.
I broke the yolks, as suggested in the original post since I’m not the biggest fan of yolk.
But if you are, leave the yolks intact!
I used ham on mine…but I really wanted Canadian Bacon.  
*Confession* I have NO IDEA where Canadian bacon is in any grocery store! I COULD NOT find it…can anyone help me!?
Freeze extra sandwiches in butcher or wax paper for microwaving later.
THE NEXT DAY…Microwave about 1.5 minutes.
These are pretty bomb-diggity! 
**Just beware…the kitchen STINKS for awhile!**
Follow my “Food=LOVE” board for more deliciousness!