SO here’s the thing…

I’m thinking about leaving wordpress….I’ve kind of out grown it and want to be able to do more with my blog.
But here’s the kicker:
I lose ALL of my wonderful WordPress followers!
*sad face!*
Here are my questions for you:
1. Should I even do it in the first place?
2. Would you follow me?
3. If you have switched hosts, what are your tips for me?
I would REALLY love your feedback!!! Anything you have to say will help me!
Thanks so much for following and listening to my craziness,

Makeover Monday: 5 minute Fresh Face


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Today I wanted to share with you my “run-out-the-door” quick face.  I love to play with makeup (yes…like a 5 year old) so I’ve come up with one, very important, conclusion.  
The harder you try, the more you can tell.
I know this really isn’t anything new, but it took my own trials and errors to fully grasp it.   I finally figured out that the simpler I did my makeup, the prettier I felt.  I am less inclined to constantly check my makeup when I have very little on.
Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good smokey eye, colorful eye, dramatic lip….so on and so forth.  But for everyday, this is sweet and simple.  Plus it takes all of 5 minutes!
So here it goes:
1. Apply tinted moisture. (avoid putting it on your neck….not necessary)
2. Fill in your brows.  If you don’t already do this, START NOW! It makes a huge difference.
3. As thinly as possible, line your top lid from corner to corner.  For the bottom, line only the outer corner. 
4. One coat of mascara.
5. Brush on the blush.
5. Lipgloss!
All done!